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Rememory: A Short Story About Life After Death

A young woman struggles to come to terms with life after death…and the memories she has spent decades running away from.

“A very intense, sad story about a vampire with PTSD, or maybe vampirism as a metaphor for PTSD. I really liked it.” –BLehman

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Lightspeed Magazine: People of Colo(u)r Destroy Science Fiction

My essay “On Falling In And Out Of Love With Science Fiction” explores the meaning of life, Star Wars, and representation in genre fiction.

“I loved everything about this issue — not just that it gives voice to extremely talented writers from a group that is badly underrepresented in the field (so many anthologies just have white males on the author list), but that it is a wonderful and captivating read.” –Isabeau

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Baby Shoes: 100 Stories By 100 Authors

Contains the genre-bending flash fiction story, “The Crater Maiden.” Strange things happen on nights when the girl in the lake begins to sing…

“So many great stories in here! I love flash fiction and some of these are amazing. The stories capture every emotion and they pull you right in. This is a great read to just pick up when you have 5 or 10 minutes, but be warned, it is hard to put it down!” –Erika Bailey

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Musings About Life as a Queer Person of Color

“But you’re basically white, right?”: I’m Latina and I don’t speak Spanish

An essay published in Salon about life as a third-generation immigrant that has lost the family’s native tongue.

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